Friday, February 06, 2004

(Bpitch Control)

Berliner, Kalkbrenner, jettisons the svelte-yet-pumelling club techno of his twelve inches for a personal, pan-European jaunt that cuts a dash through a variety of continental scenes. ‘Castanets’ is a percussion-dappled gypsy wig-out without ever sounding particularly like flamenco; the filmic strings of ‘Marbles’ swell with Wiermarian decadence, whilst regular bouts of accordion imbue everything with the feeling of cobbled streets and fresh mountain air – like The Sound of Music gone tech-house. And it works: Kalkbrenner employing the techno mainstays of repetition and rhythmic momentum to craft something inventive and different; see ‘Press On’’s sauntering schaeffel beat caressed by shafts of fresh-cut synth, or the accordion-parping ‘Dockyard’ – happy house music high on Absinthe instead of E. Footloose and fancy-free, Bpitch Control artists just love cocking a snoot at electronic convention. ///

John Lydon walking out of the jungle was probably for the best. I quickly became reconciled that his presence there was a good thing. Johnny Rotten, in the jungle, with a bunch of celebrities; some innocents but a couple of pieces of real trash. “I came here for THE NAYYY-cha”, he kept repeating when interviewed by Ant and Dec, and you kind of believed him. He was like a child for most of it, and when he wasn’t spear-fishing newts and clubbing rats (which they didn’t show) he was just being so honest it was brilliant. And then his old Irish dad came on and said how proud he was and how that he thought Jordan was a lazy, spoilt-stupid bint, too. It kind of makes a strange yet perfect sort of sense that the person who wrote ‘Anarchy in the UK’, ‘God Save the Queen’ and ‘Swan Lake/Death Disco’ should be thrown amidst the vacuous tabloid fodder to show us just how stupid and selfish and weak our culture is. But I think he had a good time and I’m glad – I never thought I would like him. Funny to see a lot of Sid Vicious in the papers at the moment. ///

Sunday, February 01, 2004

bemoaning the loss of nolberto solano, a peruvian demigod. a crushingly disappointing injury time equaliser today. you yanks don't knowmwhat i'm talkin' 'bout do ya?

"shoes off you love the toon" - this is genius, a riff on "pogo if you nlove the toon", but people take their shoes off and hold them aloft. it spread throughoput bthe whole away section. i love it.

encountered some wanker skinhead zulus in the pub (white birmingham semi-hooligan boneheads) singing england football songs at a black friend. infuriating, i can't understand these fucks. ///

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