Friday, February 20, 2004

Surely I can't be the only person here who really likes General Levy & M-Beat's 'Incredible'. Gwan, listen to it jungle snobs. Rebel MC did some wicked breakbeat tunes too, namely 'Wickedest Sound'. ///
I saw my two of my Geordie aunties yesterday, my mum's older sisters who are visiting for the week. These are top quality people - their stories of farce, absent-mindedness and complete bafflement with new-fangled technology (they call DVD 'VD', call their own phone numbers and leave messages, then play back and think it's someone else) are from the realms of the Two Ronnies, only more ridculous. You'd be hard pushed to find two more naturally funny people. The other day my auntie's Jack Russell ate my Uncle's bottom dentures. That's true. They were there when I found out I'd got my new job, which was quite special. Family is golden. ///
Nick Doherty has a really excellent profile on Ghostly International. Dig it. ///

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Wow, I actually went and got myself a 'proper job' - deputy editor at a DVD magazine. So, after three years of attempting to make a living out of writing about music (at first it was dance music, the prospect of that seemed possible then but I'm not bitter), I find myself writing about films, something I haven't done a lot of, but don't tell my new employers that! But then, as many a journalistic luminary has said, if you can write about records you can write about videos or cheese or handgliding. I think I paraphrase Paul Morley there - and whether I 'can' write or not is debatable, too. In a sense then, if I keep doing this thing - and who knows, it may be re-instilled with a little bit of purpose and direction - I'll be a normal person writing a music blog rather than a music journalist writing a music blog. Kind of. Well, in my head at least, but that doesn't matter. At any rate, the prsopect of sitting at a desk again for the first time in nearly a year and a half is a bit scary but on the whole I'm massively pleased. I mean, a salary! Free DVDs! The chance to meet fit actresses. The mind races...

I see the new Streets album is scheduled for May, something I'm really genuinely excietd about, and nervous, too.

Oh, and I'm starting this night which is kind of the Anti-School Disco. There'll be lots of KLF and Altern-8 tunes. It''s gonna be wicked. ///

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