Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Big up Dave Haslam's 'Manchester, England', a long-overdue read - now there's a man with civic pride. Now I just can't stop listening to Manchester music; 'Black Secret Technology' ('The Reno' and 'The Nile' are the names of old shebeen-style clubs in Moss Side I've found out via Haslam), anything by New Order as usual but mostly 'Procession' (synth majesty!) and 'Power, Corruption and Lies' (I'm buying a melodica!) and the Buzzocks' 'Ever Fallen In love With Someone...' (perfect punk pop). On a cursory note, also props to Mark E. Smith for writing 'Bournemouth Runner' - the only pop song I've ever heard use the word Bournemouth (it's apparently about a local football 'face' who besieged The Fall with bizarre mail).

Also, massive props with props on to Dave 'Doesn't Look Like Mick Hucknall After All' Stelfox. Pies and happiness to ya.

I'm trying to give up the booze. It's five days now. ///

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