Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Hello. Firstly, apologies for my extended absence, that's mainly due to having a job and no internet connection at home. Shameful. That's my blogging credentials properly out the window now. Truth is I only ever did Tufluv out of boredom - being a struggling freelance journalist in London with too much time and too many free records on my hands not to do anything with them. Sadly that brief burst of enthusiasm seemed to sputter out and my rare forrays into the bloggodrome or whatever it's now called show things have moved on apace. Luckily the best bits haven't changed much though.

I don't know if anyone in the UK saw this thing on Channel 4 last night called 'Whatever - A Teenage Musical'. Basically it was a group of 14, 15, 16 year olds hanging out in Brighton - in gaggles in shopping centres, flirting, taking the piss, getting drunk on Lambrini on the promenade, sitting round fires smoking on the beach, shagging under the pier and - best of all - delivering garage-esqeue rapped/sung narration over snappy, sparse human beatbox. Some amazing lyrics there, and the beatboxing was tight and syncopated. The little white girl singing had a fragile, bluesy-style melancholy, the girl MCs were as fast and nasty as the boys, some of whom were amzingly introspective and aware of themselves and their situation. After a long time not listening to or following any of the latest permutations of garage, being stuck down in a provincial English seaside town - only two hours from London, but it bears little or no relation to my surroundings - it was refreshing to see and hear such raw talent again. There was so much darkness in their story and rhymes - heroin, HIV, pregnancy - and so much youth and naivety too. I didn't watch it all though as my lids were heavy and I had to kip, so I don't know how I turned out. Sometimes you see these things on late night TV, and when you wake up it's like you had a dream - can't remember it fully but it sticks with you. It's like a little interzone of sorts - what's being transmitted to you isn't quite real, you just get bits as you drift off maybe a bit drunk or whatever. TV can be good. ///

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